Testimonial from SPINNA Circle NatWest Mentoring Programme Participant

Arlette Lee has produced a collection of luxury ruanas, an Andean-style cape with her modern heritage twist. Arlette was inspired by the luxurious natural fibre of the Peruvian Andes, Baby Alpaca along with the traditional craftsmanship so set about producing her own exclusive collection.

All the ruanas are hand-woven, beautifully light and soft and designed by Arlette to cater for classic contemporary taste. Arlette’s Ruana is the perfect investment piece for any wardrobe. This timeless collection will take you from day to night and through the seasons.

Arlette has been attending the SPINNA Circle NatWest Mentoring Programme since its launch in September 2013, and has brought enthusiasm and the benefit of her diverse professional expertise to enliven group discussions.  Arlette says of her experience on the programme,

“The SPINNA Circle programme has provided invaluable support by bringing keynote speakers in to speak with us who offer insight into all the areas of business.   Listening to  individuals and meeting fellow entrepreneurs, as well as having  one-to-one sessions gives one a sense of comfort that they are not alone on the journey and there is the expertise, support around.  SPINNA Circle empowers women in textiles and is a fantastic platform for support, growth and network for creative females living their dream and making it happen….SPINNA Circle is doing everything so well, the one-on-one session is very useful as a soundboard and having the transcribed notes as a reference point to check list against and review later are a great tool for progress.  Outsiders listening to what is going on inside provides a rational detached perspective bringing the entrepreneur back in line with with their intent and focus.”

Posted by Emma Dick

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