Rupa, founder of SPINNA Circle, speaks on BBC World on ‘Impact’ programme

On Friday, 7th March 2014, a day before International Women’s Day, BBC World presents a story of inspiration, collaboration and success from their programme ‘100 Women’ which brought women across the world together to connect and conduct business.

The ‘Impact’ programme on BBC World presented what amazing results simple collaborations, connections and networking could help achieve for women entrepreneurs in fashion and textiles.

youtube02Following the story of a young Cambodian girl “Sreymon” who grew up in the garbage dump in Phnom Penh and a textile industry business woman from Bangladesh, “Rubana Huq” who helped her through this BBC programme to connect with her, mentor her, support her in developing her first collections and how that actually lead her to getting her first real order !!

This provides a key message in showing what is possible when women are connected with each other in the industry.

It also shows that there is a dire need for global solutions for sustainable linkages and that you-tube-03there is a business benefit in helping and connecting women with each other. The programme also points to the several challenges that still exist in the industry such as illiteracy, lack of access to market and resources and a lack of visible trajectories for women’s growth in the sector which have largely been responsible for keeping most of the women in low paid jobs. While the sector is dominated by women operators and workers, there are still very few women visible at the top and in management!

Organisations such as SPINNA Circle can and are trying to help link these invisible women in the industry to help build not only sustainable business solutions and provide possibilities of economic growth, but also to build better communities globally where education and equal opportunities are available to all our children going forward … for both…. our sons and daughters!


Posted by Rupa Ganguli

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