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To join our online networking platform, please click on the link in the box above, fill in your profile details and send it to us. It is free to join the online platform. Your request will be authorised once its been reviewed. In some cases, emails may be sent to you for clarifications or further details may be requested.

This network is for you if are any of the following:

● A female entrepreneur in fashion and textiles

● A female designer maker

● A female artisan with textile skills

● A female artist with textile / interior skills

IMPORTANT: If you are not sure that you meet any of the above criteria, but are interested, please fill in anyway and send a request, we want to hear from you!

Please fill in your details in the best way possible to explain what you do, so its easy for others to work / do business / collaborate / connect with you!

For any questions email us at: membership@spinna.hirolamobile.com