David Eaton

Managing Director, Eyefix International Ltd

URL: uk.linkedin.com/pub/david-eaton/1b/829/8b5

“I am excited to show new undiscovered textile designs from location like Afghanistan, Myanmar and Ethiopia, which are now emerging from the burden of conflict and climatic tragedy. I want to show this artwork to my customers to say, ‘You can have some of this. You can see how you can develop new products, have new collaboration and production opportunities in these exciting countries.’ We should be working with artisans to develop their own style and developing their own style and developing it for the international market. The artisans gain economically and customers get to explore new beautiful textiles, clothes and furnishing that have a rich history.”
David has worked in the fashion industry since he was head hunted to write for Italian Vogue. From there he moved to Paris where he set up a silk trading company suppling the great fashion houses and ateliers. After being invited to attend an auction of print designs, David’s passion for printed textiles was ignited. Setting up his consultancy Eyefix he has printed for pretty much every major fashion label in the world from Louis Vuitton to Zara. Eyefix holds one of the largest private vintage print design archives in the UK.

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