Belinda Dickson

Belinda Dickson joins SPINNA Circle group of supporters and advisors!

“SPINNA Circle is a wonderfully innovative brainchild; we strive as designers to source quality manufacturing, but all too often it is costly and time consuming to access available manufacturers. Having this comprehensive database of companies is an invaluable asset to the sector.  Utilising these alternative manufacturers to produce the garments of high-end designers presents exciting possibilities. Such collaboration can bring much needed income to developing countries and LDCs, allowing them a bite of the cherry that is the enormous fashion industry. It’s a positive move with recognition and benefits for all involved.”

Belinda Dickson OBE is a knitwear designer who strives to provide quality, luxury and comfort for her customers. With a reputation that precedes her, Belinda has earned the affectionate title ‘Queen of Cashmere’. Before starting out in fashion, Belinda worked within various roles from teaching to telecommunications, a portfolio career that has taught her the value of hard work and perseverance. From this work in telecommunication she became involved in providing services within the fashion sector, allowing her with that crucial insight into the cashmere industry.

This saw the launch of Belinda Robertson Cashmere in 1992 and since then has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, from Karl Lagerfield to Michael Kors. The brand now reaches far and wide with a new collection of Jersey wowing it’s existing customers and enticing new ones into the luxurious fold that is Belinda Robertson Cashmere.

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